Ideal Air Purifiers from MBM

ideal Air Purifiers

MBM's Ideal Air Purifiers eliminate bad indoor air that has bad effects on our health including pollen, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, fine dust, smoke, and odors.

Since our lungs do not have filters for polluted indoor air, breathing it is risky to our health, performance, and well-being. Thanks to the AEON Blue cleaning technology, we can be confident that indoor air is efficiently freed from all air pollutants.

Ideal air purifiers combines HEPA, activated carbon and plasma air cleaning in one compact unit and very effectively filters harmful substances out of the air. It also enriches the air with charged ions. Purified ionized air - a simple and natural principle with a refreshing result; a vitalizing effect on the mind and body, strengthening the immune system, as well as protecting against cell damage, and premature aging process, fatigue or diseases.

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