Challenge Champion 305 TC & 370 TC Cutters

Challenge Champion 305 TC & 370 TC Cutters

Large Hydraulic Paper Cutters

The Challenge Champion 370 TC features 37" cutting width and a rugged construction with hydraulic clamping and cutting - making this cutter known for its dependability and productivity.

The Champion 370 TC meets the toughest safety standards in the industry today. Light safety curtains, enclosed rear table, two - hand timed non-repeat cut buttons, and knife safety latch contribute to Challenge's UL and CE certification.

The Challenge Champion 305 TC is the industry workhorse for over thirty years. The Champion 305 TC is a powerful and accurate hydraulic cutter with a 30.5" cut width and a 4" clamp opening. The 305 TC also features light safety curtains, enclosed rear table, two-hand timed non-repeat cut buttons, and knife safety latch that contributes to their UL and CE certification.

Both models feature the intuitive 10.5" color touch-screen TC Controller that allows variable mode data entry, automatic fraction to decimal calculation and unlimited program storage capacity. Clamp mark waste is reduced or eliminated with programmable electronic clamp pressure control per cut and much more. The TC system is the first paper cutter controller in the world to recognize common .csv format program files making offline programming simple and easy to implement.

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Standard Features:

  • 305 Model - 30.5" Cutting Width & 4" Clamp Opening
  • 370 Model - 37" Cutting Width & 5-1/8" Clamp Opening
  • Hydraulic Clamping & Cutting
  • Electronica Controlled Adjustable Clamp Pressure
  • Soft Power Foot Pedal Activated Pre-Clamping
  • Electronic Hand-Wheel on Front of Table for Backgauge Adjustments
  • Line-light Cut Position Indicator
  • Metric & English Data Entry with the exception of fractions that are automatically calculated to decimal equivalent
  • False Clamp Plate
  • Cast Iron & Steel Construction
  • Air Table
  • Knife Change & Lubricant Schedule Alerts
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Lighted Work Surface

TC Control System Features:

  • 10.5" Color Touch Screen Control Panel
  • JDF and Network Capable Hardware
  • Electronic Clamp Pressure Control
  • USB Port for Simple Thumb Drive Program Entry
  • Ability to Receive .csv files making offline programming and memory storage simple
  • Repeat and loop commands streamline program entry
  • Auto-programming features of sheet division and label cutting with animated graphics
  • Programmable clamp pressure per cut
  • Automatic fraction to decimal conversion
  • Unlimited program storage capacity
  • Program lockout
  • Computer diagnostic tools
  • ANSI safety standard compliant and CE, UL and cUL Listed