25 Gauge Stitcher Wire Round


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25 Gauge Stitcher Wire is a special product for bookletmaking machines. The booketmaking machines use a stitcher head to form stitches at the book spine with this special wire. This is a spool of 25 guage wire. 25 Gauge is a very common size used in many bookletmakers and stitching machines. These machines create a stitch by forming a staple shape from this roll of straight wire.

Other low quality stitcher wire will have nickel coatings that can flake off and cause problems in the stitcher head. Our high quality stitcher wire will run flawlessly until the end of the roll. Use the 25 Gauge Stitcher Wire in a wide variety of stitcher heads. It has a nickel coating which keeps the wire looking good and protected from corrosion. The nickel coating will not flake off while feeding through the loom.

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