AFV-56K iCE Paper Folder

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AFV-56K iCE Paper Folder

The automated AFV-56K iCE Folder is a 6-buckle folder with integrated knife/buckle cross-folding that contains 44 fully-automated settings for improved efficiency, more operator-friendly production, and reduced waste and make-ready. Roller gaps and buckle plates can be easily fine-tuned from the improved touchscreen control panel, and automated stop adjustment under the knife and trailing edge roller adjustments reduce operator intervention and maximize machine uptime.

The AFV-56K comes equipped with iCE LiNK, a cloud-based monitoring tool from Horizon that can also handle KPI analysis, PM schedule/alerts, JDF/JMF workflow, scheduling, job creation, editing, and more.

  • Fast setup: Setup and changeover times are nearly 20% faster than the previous generation of folder
  • System status indicators: The AFV-56K features customizable LED lights that alert operators to system status at a glance.
  • Reduced noise: Enhanced sound-proof covers are included over the fold plates and the registration table to reduce noise by 2 decibels compared to previous models.
  • Improved feed section: The AFV-56K uses a single-piston suction head system for faster and more accurate operation.
  • New registration: The system features an automated register table with an adjustable vacuum belt that eliminates steel and plastic drive pull-in for registration.
  • No trial-and-error: The AFV-56K can automatically calculate the optimal feed interval to ensure top production speeds and efficiency with no manual adjustments.
  • Production speeds: The system can reach speeds of up to 656 feet/min with cross-folding and up to 885 feet/min for parallel folds.