Air Tech Spray Powder [5 Pounds]


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Air Tech Spray Powder is prepackaged and sealed 5 oz packages. These individual packs help to ensure your powder is free from the effects of humidity. Formulated for maximum stop-offset protection and manufactured from only the highest food grade materials, Air Tech powders meet the requirements of the USDA for use on food packaging.

Press powder is used in the offset lithographic printing process. The powder is slowly sprayed onto freshly printed sheets to help elaminate image offset. Wet inks can transfer between sheets when they are stacked while wet. Offst press powder gets rid of image offset by helping to dry the sheets and creating a microscopic barrier between the sheets. 

Good press poweder is food grade and is totally inert. This is an important safety factor because so much of printing is used for food or packaging products. 

  • 5 oz Packages
  • 5 lb box
  • FDA Approved
  • Non Toxic