Akiles FlexiPunch-M Manual Modular Punching Machine


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The FlexiPunch-M is a heavy-duty modular punch with interchangeable die feature; an affordable punch system with the flexibility and reliability you demand. You can do a coil binding job, and minutes later squeeze in a wire or comb binding project using the same primary punch. The high-quality precision die sets of this machine will last for years of production. One die set of your choice is provided with the unit.

Equipment Features:

  • High volume punch capacity: Up to 20 - 25 sheets of 20lb paper per cycle
  • Interchangeable die sets with quick die change design
  • Fully disengageable pins on all dies
  • Choice of 4 different punch dies, choose from:
    • Comb Rectangular Holes
    • Wire 2:1 Square Holes
    • Wire 3:1 Square Holes
    • Coil 4:1 (0.1475") Round Holes
  • Adjustable depth margin
  • 12" single punch length with open ends
  • Built-in anti-jam (reverse) feature
  • Rugged heavy-duty design