Challenge CMT 130 Book Trimmer


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Challenge CMT 130 Book Trimmer

Perfect binding has made great strides in recent years. Traditionally, short-run book trimming duties have been carried out by traditional guillotines but the process is time-consuming and wrought with possibilities of book damage due to operator error. The Challenge CMT 130 Book Trimmer is the ultimate book trimming solution necessary for today's competitive marketplace.

The sturdy steel and cast-iron design of the CMT-130 ensures years of trouble-free operation. Hydraulic clamping and cutting action provides strength to cut through up to 2″ (50.8mm) thick books without hesitation. Standard features such as UHMW gib surfaces, composite bushings, and stepper motor technology require virtually zero maintenance.

Short-run perfect binding has made great strides within our industry in recent years. Trimming duties have been carried out by traditional guillotines for many years, but this process is very time-consuming and less than ideal for the dynamic digital book publishers of today. The CMT 130 can be configured as a hand-feed off-line trimmer for cost-effective trimming. The optional high-capacity feeder permits up to 36" / 914 cm of books to be stacked and automatically fed into the trimmer.

CMT 130 Features

  • Trim up to 2” / 50.8 mm thick perfect-bound books
  • Virtually maintenance-free design
  • Fully-automated size change in under 10 seconds with no tools required
  • Modular design – can be configured off-line, in-line, or near-line at any time
  • Optional bar code size change capabilities
  • Process up to 200 books per hour – single book mode
  • Process up to 500 books per hour – optional multiple-book mode
  • Covered under United States Patent Numbers: 5,694,823 and 6,799,497

CMT 130 Trimmer

  • The CMT-130 requires 90 PSI / 5.8 BAR regulated, dry, non-lubricated compressed air at a minimum of 6 CFM / 170 LPM (at 90 PSI / 5.8 BAR)
  • The required minimum air quality rating is ISO 8573.1 Class 2.4.2 (solids < 1 micron, pressure dew point < 38°F @100psig, and oil content < .08 ppm)
  • The following two compressor systems are commonly used with the CMT-130
  • Other equivalent systems may be used also
  • The compressor system must include an air dryer capable of ISO Class 4 or better (pressure dew point < 38°F @100psig)
  • Failure to use dry, non-lubricated compressed air that meets or exceeds the above requirements may cause damage to the machine and will result in THE WARRANTY BEING VOIDED
  • System 1 - Traditional piston type compressor
  • Powerex AS0203 - 2 hp climate control compressor with built-in refrigerated dryer, electronic auto drain and starter
  • System 2 - Rotary scroll type compressor
  • The advantage to this type is minimum maintenance and very quiet operation (49-51db)
  • Powerex SES0308-208v with ACO100010 factory installed refrigerated dryer and auto drain