Challenge Combination Jogger 20" x 26"


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Challenge Combination Jogger 20" x 26"

The sturdy Combination Series joggers are the workhorses of the industry. Table sizes - 20" x 26" (model 2026A), 24" x 36" (model 2436A) and 28" x 40" (model 2840A) - can handle up to 4" lifts. The versatile table tilts from flat to 45 degrees and can be fitted with accessory dividers for multiple lifts of smaller stock.

Jogging action is adjustable with the unique "Dial-a-Jog" control. The dual on/off control is actuated either with the toggle switch on the machine base, or by a foot switch for hands-free operation. Using a jogger can drastically improve the overall operation of every other machine at the production site. Every feeder benefits from a better stack.

Challenge Combination Jogger 20 x 26 Features

  • Table Space: 20" x 26" x 4" (50.8 x 66 x 10.2cm)
  • Overall Height: 14-1/2" (36.8cm)
  • Overall Width: 26" (66cm)
  • Net Weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
  • Shipping Weight With Stand: 220 lbs (99.8 kg)*
  • Shown with Optional Stand