CUTI-2 Combined Universal Tab Inserter


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The CUTI-2, Now with icon based touch pad and -1 count facility to allow for check sheet removal on the run. 

The Combined Universal Tab Inserter is Vacuumatic's compact tab inserter system, enabling accurate tabbing and batching of sheeted piles with the minimum requirements of space and investment cost. Usually pedestal mounted, the unit can be interfaced directly to most printing presses, or triggered via a laser sensor attachment. 

The CUTI-2 is often supplied to commercial printers looking for greater accuracy in batching their printed products. This can result in minimization of waste sheets and improved productivity in subsequent finishing processes. 

Typical Applications: 
  • Commercial Printing
  • Trade Finishing & Die-Cutting
  • Flexbile, Cost Effective unit
  • Easily Transferred Between Presses
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Self-Installation When Ordered with Laser Sensor
  • Compact and self contained
  • press interface or laser sensor trigger
  • Supplied complete with pedestal stand
  • Provides accurate batch tabbing and total sheet count
  • Minus 1 facility
  • Touch pad control
  • Choice of chute length options