Plate Heater for Eco 1630

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Plate Heater for Eco1630

This is a plate heater used in various plate making systems. This heater is kept in stock and is ready to ship. U1100039-02. This plate heater is most commonly found in Mitsubishi, Screen, and Presstek platemakers. It is suitable for use while submerged in photographic chemistry. 

A bad heater will blow the circuit breaker in the machine. Be sure to reset the breaker after installing a new heater.

Typically these heaters will pop the circuit breaker. After replacing this heater make sure the machine's internal circuit breaker is reset. The activator tray has a grounding lead at the rear which is very important for operator safety. This ground lead allows the failed heater to short and pop the ground faulting circuit interrupter. This is an important safety feature in the machine and when the breaker is tripping it means the heater must be replaced.

Processor Heater Compatibility 

  • Eco 1630II
  • Eco 1630III, Eco1630IIIR
  • Presstek DPM Pro 400