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TA-20 Adhesive Tape Seal Machine

The TA-20 Adhesive Tap Machine is designed to apply 3/4" wide clear adhesive tape strip around the perimeter of any container or lid to secure it and provide a tamper evident seal. Will wrap a large variety of container sizes from 7" - 14.5" (180-370mm) wide x 1" - 14" (25-350mm) high. With the TA-20 tape sealing is done quickly and smoothly with production rates of up to 500 pieces per hour. Custom sizes are also available, please contact our office for additional information at 810-238-7370.

  • Rated up to 500 sealed products per hour
  • Compact design and ideal for lower budgets
  • User friendly and reliable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Operated by a single operator
  • Changeover process to other container sizes can be done within minutes
Machine Dimension 800 x 815 1500mm
Power 220 VAC Single Phase
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Output About 500 pieces/hour