Felins US-2000 CSW-DMS


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Felins US-2000 CSW-DMS
Automated Banding Machine

With this banding machine, with a digital measuring system, label stacks of different sizes (mixed sheet printing) can be automatically measured and banded with single or multiple bands. Cutter operator(s) load stacks of varying sizes onto the in-feed conveyor. Each stack is pushed and simultaneously measured by the servo driven linear pusher into the banding machine. Banded stacks are discharged and ready for conveyance or easy handling.

If you’re interested in increasing productivity and reducing labor costs to the fullest extent then take banding to the next step with full automation. With our years of experience. 


  • Band mixed product sizes without change over
  • Automatically switch from one to multiple bands
  • Band stacks from multiple cutters
  • Shuttleworth conveyor minimizes shingling
  • Ultrasonic welding technology
  • Up to 24 stacks per minute
  • Sequential processing of different formats
  • Single and multiple bands
  • Automatic stack measuring
  • Easy to set-Up, use and maintain
  • Diverse Level of Customization Options