Graphic Whizard VividCoater XDC-370M

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Graphic Whizard VividCoater XDC-370M

The new 370M was designed with automation in mind. Incorporating the small footprint of the 530 Micro with added features of the production XDC series. The 370M is a 14.5″ wide full flood machine with touch screen controls, removable roller, EasySet levers, 3″ applicator roller, 3 IR lamps with adjustable intensity and comes standard as a 3 pump system for quick and automated coating change over and cleanup. The 370M is ideal for inline installations to any digital print engine or inline GW creasing and feeding devices. Easy Clean, Digital Size UV Coater.

  • 3 Pumping systems & 3 Distribution systems allows you to change from one coating a breeze
  • Operator friendly touchscreen control panel
  • EastSet levers for adjusting roller pressure settings & doctor blade
  • Stainless steel doctor blade (on/off lever)
  • Easy to remove applicator roller design
  • UV (1 bulb) & Standard IR (3 bulbs)
  • 3 Roller application system
Electrical 208 – 240V 1 Ph 60Hz 30A
Speed 5900' +/hour
Maximum Stock Size 14.5" W
Stock Weight 157-450 gsm (varies according to paper)

Length: 99"
Width: 36"
Height: 36"