Graphic Whizard VividCoater XDC-480M

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Graphic Whizard VividCoater XDC-480M

The 480M is a manual UV coating system that produces uncompromising quality in finished pieces while protecting against friction and fading. Compared to conventional solvent based coatings the VividCoater produces virtually no volatile organic compounds and provides a more effective and lively printed piece at a very low cost per page. The VividCoater Series versatility enables users to run inline with any creasing or feeding unit.

  • 1 UV bulb
  • 3 IR bulbs
  • Vacuum and air cooled UV lamp
  • Standard with touchscreen controls for easier use
  • Double sheet detector
  • Stainless steel doctor blade (on/off lever)
  • Easy set lever for adjusting roller pressure settings and the doctor blade
  • Sheet counter
  • UV lamp hour counter
  • Deep pile feeder - 18" capacity (optional)
  • Receding stacker (optional)
Electrical 208/220-240V 1phase / 60Hz / 40A
Speed 5900' +/hour (1800m/hour)
Maximum Stock Size 18.8" W (48cm)
Stock Weight 157-450 gsm (varies according to paper)

Length: 99" (251 cm)
Width: 45" (114.5 cm)
Height: 36" (91.5 cm); 55" when sitting on casters