HM-409 Side Adhesive for Perfect Binding [Case 44LBS]

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HM-409 Side Adhesive

Formerly sold as HM-403. 

This glue is for perfect binding machines. HM-409 Side Adhesive formula is best suited as a side glue. For machines that have a secondary glue pot with side glue applicators this glue should be used. Side glue remains tacky so if a front or rear cover is ever pulled away, it will retain it's hold after being closed again.

Side glue formulas are different from the glue used on the book spine. Not all binders have a seperate tank for side glue. This side glue adhesive is suited for binders that have separate glue tanks for the spine glue and the side glue. 

Side glue temperatures may be different from spine glue so be sure to adjust your glue pot temperature appropriately.

  • Side Glue Adhesive for Perfect Binding
  • 44 lb Carton of Glue Chips