MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker


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MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

MBM's Sprint bookletmakers have long been regarded as tops in the industry. Paired with an optional trimmer, either model may be combined with a variety of collators for a complete document finishing Systems. Both features easy set-up and adjustment, variable speed, and powered exit conveyors. 

The Sprint 5000 jogs, staples and folds in one operation. Featuring a quick and easy set-up and adjustment with variable speed producing booklets up to 88 pages (off-line*). Additional features include on-line saddle, corner, and side stapling capability, "fold only" capability, heavy-duty staple clinchers produce "flat-finish" staples, 2 stapling heads, 5 stapling positions, uses high-capacity, 5,000 staple cartridges, auto-stop and signal when staple cartridge is empty, powered exit conveyor, transparent safety access cover and more!

  • Jogs, Staples & Folds in One Operation
  • Quick & Easy Set-up & Adjustment
  • Variable Sped
  • Products Booklets up to 88 Pages Off-line*
  • 2 Stapling Heads
  • 5 Stapling Positions
  • Uses High-Capacity 5,000 Staple Cartridges
  • Auto-Stop & Signal When Staple Cartridge is Empty
  • Powered Exit Conveyor
  • Transparent Safety Access Cover - Machine will not operate with cover in open position
  • Mounted on Heavy-Duty Casters
  • Interfaces with a Wide Range of Collators Including the MBM FC-10
  • Optional Face Trimmer Available