Morgana CR500/CR2000 Creasing Modules


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Morgana CR500/CR2000 Creasing Modules

The CR500 and CR2000 are optional creasing modules for Morgana's BM350/BM500 and BM2000/BM2000S Bookletmaking Systems. Creasing is needed for some of today's demanding booklet jobs. The integrated creasing feature greatly improves production workflow. 

The CR500/CR2000 enables creasing of both the cover and center page for optimal results. The intuitive user interface makes setup and operation simple, quick and easy to understand. 

*Picture shows a CR2000 in a BM2000S Booklet Making System

  • Professional creasing of cover sheet
  • Creasing of the inner sheet/center sheet
  • Handles the full range of media that the bookletmaking system supports
  • Unique on the fly automatic skew adjustment on the booklet maker user interface to adjust skew and position if the media requires manual compensation
  • Selection of either fine or course crease tool to match different media weights and properties for optimum results

Media specifications in regards to sizes and weights matches the booklet making system being either a BM2000/BM2000S or a BM350/BM5000.