OKI CX3641/ES3640e MFP Fuser Unit 57102201


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OKI MFP Fuser Unit

OKI CX3641/ES3640e MFP Fuser Unit

This fuser assembly is a genuine OKI consumable item. The fuser is very easily installed by the operator. To remove your spent fuser from the machine first lift the blue locking lever, then grab the center handle and gently raise the fuser assembly straight up and out of the printer. Installation of your new fuser is just as simple. Take your new fuser and gently lower it directly into the printer. Lower the blue locking lever to lock the fuser into position. Turn your printer on and close the top lid and allow your fuser to come up to temperature. Estimated yield of 100,000 pages. Compatible with OKI 3641, CX3641, CX3541MFP. Same as 42931701

Compatible with Oki 3641, Oki CX3641, Oki CX3541MFP Lifespan: 100,000 Impressions