Powis Parker Fastback Model 20 Thermal Tape Binder

Powis Parker

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Fastback Model 20 Tape Binder for Books

Book binders that use tape are a great solution for all kinds of books. The Fastback is an easy to use machine with a color display to walk you through making a book. Just load your stack of pages and feed the super strip binder tape. After a brief moment the tape will be fully adhered to the spine and the book is complete.

These books look very professional and work well for presentations or reference materials. Books can be completed in just a few moments and the binding strips are available in many colors.

Books up to 700 pages can be made on the Fastback Model 20. This is 350 sheets of paper since the front and back both count as pages. That number is based on normal bond paper. Thicker paper can be used but not as many sheets will fit. You can also mix and match papers like using a thick cover and thin sheets for the guts of the book.

Create super strong, impressive books and documents in 15 seconds or less. Anyone can operate the FASTBACK 20 with its intuitive one-touch button. Bind 10-700 page documents with minimal, space-saving supply inventory. The FASTBACK 20 is the binder your office has been looking for.

  • Super-strong, lay-flat binding
  • Super-easy, one-touch button
  • Optimal, space-saving supply inventory
  • Binds in less than 15 seconds (3.5 x faster than punch and bind systems)
  • Binds thin to thick documents from 10-700 pages (or up to 350 sheets)
  • Supports lengths up to 12", including Letter & A4 paper sizes
  • Space-saving binder fits about anywhere
  • Instructional LCD display


Fastback 20 Specifications

Dimensions 23.5” Width x 14.5” Height x 23” Depth (60 cmW x 37 cmH x 58 cmD)
Weight 66 lbs (30 kg)
Spine Length 5.5" - 12"
Binding Capacity 10-700 Pages (or up to 350 sheets); 1.5" Maximum Thickness (3.8 cm)
Optimal Paper Weight 20 lb Standard (75 gsm) – 32 lb (120 gsm)
Editing Yes; 2 Edit Cycles
Warm-Up Time 3 Minutes
Binding Time 15.35 Seconds
Power Requirements USA: 115VAC, 60 Hz, 7 amps
Regulatory Approvals UL, CE, CUL, TUV, DENAN