Rena EasyFeed 120 with Riser


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Rena The EasyFeed 120 Bow Separation Feeder 

The EasyFeed 120 combines Rena's Bow Separation technology with a highly adjustable design to create a versatile feeding solution, while innovative material guides, full length belts and pressure-regulating components provide smooth and reliable feeding for any mailing operation. Bow Separation moves the separators between the belts, forming a bow in the material. This bow serves two functions: reduced friction from the stock and increased piece rigidity. This makes marring and double-feeding virtually disappear while improving feed consistency. 

Unique Bow Separation Technology

It's all about the separation - Bow Separation to be precise. The EasyFeed feeders are the first Rena System feeders to use this technology. By moving the separators between the belts, a bow is formed in the material. The bow serves two functions: reduced friction from the stack and increased piece rigidity. This makes marring and double feeding virtually disappear while improving feed consistency. 

Total Control System

Straight-Thru material guides extend down below the material stack and feed belts and run straight through the exit section, providing unparalleled registration/material handling. The re-positionable feed belts go all the way from feed t exit, keeping consistent pressure on each piece to optimize smoothness. Three thick friction grab belts with four transport belts and two ball bearing pressure rollers keep control of the piece all the way through from separation to transit to exit to EasyFeed feeders feed razor straight. 

Built for Production

The EasyFeed 120 is the fastest and most reliable tabletop feeder we offer, operating at speeds of 40,000 pieces per hour. With a hopper capacity of 625 no. 10 envelopes and unique Bow Separation, it requires little attention during any given run. 

Product Details

  • Truly Effective Bow Separation Technology
  • New Elevation Wedge for Even Feeding Pressure
  • Highly Customizable Design for Any Project
  • Features an Exclusive Material Jog Function
  • Seven Positionable Belts
  • Easy to Service and Maintain
  • Feed up to 40,000 Post Cards per Hour
  • Friction Feed w/ Dual Re-positionable Nylon Separation Assemblies
  • Utilizing Bow Separation Technology
  • Feed up to 625 #10 Envelopes
  • Bow Separation Technology
  • Feeds a Wide Variety of Materials up to 12" Wide
  • Innovations Straight - Thru Material Guides
  • Feed Booklets up to 1" Thick
  • Exclusive Material Jog Function
  • Interfaces with RENA Systems Addressing/Labeling/Tabbing Products
  • Quality Construction Lasts for Years
  • Riser Stand Sold Separately