Rosback 243XL Perf, Score, Slit Machine


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Rosback 243XL Perf, Score, Slit Machine

Download PDF Brochure: Rosback 243XL Perforating Scoring and Slitting Machine

The Rosback 243XL Perf, Score, Slit Machine is a high speed production system for perfing, scoring and slitting paper. It had several features and is the fastest, most productive and heaviest duty machine in the Rosback lineup. It is capable of slot, knife-cut, micro perforation, slitting, and scoring. You can achieve precision results on stocks from 9 lb onionskin to 1/16" board stock. 

The machine can produce intricate patterns. For e ample, an operator can produce unique work. Perf, score, and slit combinations for CD inlays or J card tickets and forms are all possible. The patented TrueScore Pro can be added for crack free scoring of difficult digitally printed materials. 

Rosback 243XL Features

  • Deep Pile Feed for Near Continuous Production
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Construction
  • Strong Stable Shaft Supports
  • Easy-Out Shafts for Quick Setup Time
  • Ergonomic Controls and Touch-Screen Setup
  • Precise Air Feeding Controls
  • 100% Accurate Registration System with Angular Adjustment
  • Programmable Batch Counter
  • Quick Set Double Sheet Detector

Rosback 243XL Standard Equipment

  • 4 Sets of Slot Perf Heads with Burr Rollers
  • 2 Set of Scoring and Creasing Heads
  • 8 Perforating Blades
  • Easy Out Shafts
  • Double Sheet Detector
  • Total and Batch Counter
  • 1 Tool Kit

Rosback 243XL Optional Accessories 

  • Quick Align Perforating Heads
  • TrueScore Pro Scoring Heads
  • CD Inlay Heads
  • Cobra Strike Perf Heads
  • Gutter Slitter Perf Heads
  • Kife-Cut Heads
  • Micro-Perf Heads
  • Narrow Margin Heads (3/8" From Sheet Edge)
  • Pressure Sensitive Slitting Attachment
  • Slitting Heads
  • Special Slot Perf Heads (1/2" Between Perf Lines)
  • Delivery Options: Static, Jog, Conveyor, or Receding Stacker

Rosback 243XL Series Specifications

Minimum Sheet Size: 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" (191 mm x 191 mm)
Maximum Sheet Size: 30" x 30" (762 mm x 762 mm)
Minimum Distance Between Perf:

3/4" (19 mm) Standard 

1/2" (13 mm) Optional

Minimum Distance Between Score/Crease: 1/4" (6.4 mm) Standard
Cycle Speed: Up to 25,000 Feet per hour
Machine Dimensions:

L 108" (2.7 m)

W 48" (1.2 m)

H 47" (1.2 m)

Net Weight: 1404 lbs (637 kg)
Shipping Weight: 1884 lbs (854 kg)
Power Consumption: 230 VAC 60 Hz 3-Phase 30 AMP Service