Spinks Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner [2 Quarts]


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Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner

Blue Crystal is a fantastic industrial hand cleaner. A micro grit massages sticky and oily substances away while leaving your skin's natural moisture intact. Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner removes virtually everything: ink, resin, tar, and of course grease. It cleans deep into pores and around cuticles. Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner uses recycled polyethylene, not pumice. Never irritating. Leaves hands soft and chap free. No petroleum solvents. Neutral pH. No fragrances or perfumes. Will not clog sinks. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic, Non-hazardous. Does not separate or lose strength. Shop Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner from Mid-State Litho below:

2 Quart Tub Resealable Lid

As with all soaps exercise caution when it comes to exposure with the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Although this product is intended to make contact with your body it should always be washed away completely. Please note that excessive exposure can cause some dryness of the skin or eye irritation.