Straight Shooter LF PRO Plus Digital Printer Feeder

Straight Shooter

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Straight Shooter LF PRO Plus Digital Printer Feeder

Simple set-up, Easy Operation, Straight Shooter

A state of the art printer deserves a state of the art feeder...the LF PRO Plus is your feeder for production printing. 

Straight Shooters exclusive Dual Sensor Technology keeps a smooth flow of product to your printer and gives you the right tools for larger format envelopes, maximizing your productivity. Straight Shooters patented Buckle Separation and unique self-centering guide system in the hopper and on the delivery table, lets you change envelope sizes in seconds. NO MODIFICATIONS!

Straight Shooters patented Floating Acceleration Table means that no electrical or mechanical modifications to your printer are necessary, no wires, no latches, and no problems! 

Simply set it up, roll it in, and run!

  • Exclusive Dual Sensor Technology
  • Quick, Simple Set-up
  • Self-Centering Paper Guides
  • Flexible, Runs Full 13" Wide Media, Portrait or Landscape
  • Specifically Designed for the OKI Data C900 Series - C911, C931dn and C941dn
  • Sequencing Conveyor Available to Enhance Productivity