Varn V-120 Blanket Wash [5 Gallons]


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Varn V-120 is water miscible. It will readily mix with water and won't settle back out like other blanket washes. This product is mostly used to clean the ink system in lithographic offset printing presses. Printing press blankets and rollers in the ink fountain can be difficult to clean so finding the right solvent is an important part of running a profitable operation.

Water miscible blanket wash is great for use in printing presses of all kinds. Being water miscible means the blanket wash will easily mix with regular water. Most blanket washes will not readily mix with water and will instantly separate after mixing. Blanket wash is sometimes mixed with water to reduce its strength and prolong its life. 

The Industry's Finest Water Miscible Wash Wash V-120 is a special blend of solvents and cleansers formulated to quickly and thoroughly clean and rejuvenate lithographic blankets; rubber, composition and synthetic rollers. Wash V-120 contains Hydro-Flex, a press proven combination of modern antioxidants, rubber rejuvenators and synthetic detergents. These additives cut and remove ink and glaze, reduce rubber oxidation and prolong the life of rollers and blankets.