Varn California Wash [5 Gallon]


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Varn California Wash [5 Gallon]

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Varn California Wash is an effective blanket wash solvent that is on the weaker side for a more pleasurable experience with less odor. Some solvents can be very harsh and might be too potent for use in some situations. Varn California Wash meets those requirements while still being an effective solution for use in a printing press.

California Wash has no hazard shipping fee!

A Non photochemically Reactive Water Miscible Wash California Wash forms a superior emulsion to permit mixing with up to 30% water for removing water soluble glaze, lint and stock coatings while still delivering a powerful solvent cleaning action and maintaining a pleasant odor. California Wash is one of MSL's Eco Friendly products. It's pleasant to use, emitting no vile odors or strong irritating vapors into the pressroom atmosphere
  • Effective Cleaner for all Press Sizes
  • Low Aromatic Content
  • Low Odor
  • No Hazard Fee
  • Ships like any other item

California Wash is a special formula of solvent that is designed for a new era of environmental concerns. This solvent is much less harsh to work with and it emits less harmful chemicals. It was designed to meet requirements set forth in the state of California but has become a useful category of blanket wash and universal solvent for all kinds of uses. California Wash is one of our top sellers and we always keep it in stock!