Vicount-3 Single Head Paper Counting Machine


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Vicount-3 Single Head Paper Counting Machine

Vicount 3 is Vacuumatic’s new generation of single-head paper counting machines for the Security and Commercial Printing industries. Drawing on over 50 years of experience, the Vacuumatic Vicount-3 is the new benchmark for accurate, efficient paper counting and batching.

Available with either Disc or Pin-&-Blade counting technology and a range of formats and options to suit the widest range of applications, Vicount-3 is without doubt the most flexible paper counting machine on the market. The color touchscreen with icon-based graphics ensures that even inexperienced users can operate the machine efficiently. Options such as Airfloat tables, coupon attachments and a wide variety of Discs and suction blades extend the range of papers and materials that can be accurately counted.

From the basic benchtop machine to the top-of-the-range industrial version, from gift wrap to tax stamps,Vicount-3 is already exceeding the demands of clients around the world.

Typical Applications:
  • Commercial Printing
  • Security Printing
  • Tax Stamp Manufacturing
  • Padding Production
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Suitable for counting a wide range of applications and materials
  • Accurate count results guaranteed
  • User friendly operation
  • Eliminates inconsistencies in batch quantities
  • Efficient to run, minimized downtime
  • Helps avoid 'overs' and 'unders'
  • Choice of Counting Technologies
  • Color Touchscreen with Icon Based Settings
  • Range of Standard Table Formats
  • Short Count Cycle Times
  • Tab Insertion as Standard