Xitron Keysetter


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Automate Ink KeySetting

KeySetter improves your pressroom efficiency by communicating ink coverage data directly to your press, reducing make-ready time and materials waste. You spend less time getting up to color, which means you spend more time printing. Available as a direct connection to your press, a console-compatible data file or a printed graphic chart, KeySetter can reduce your make-ready an average of 20-50% which increases your operating profit.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Add CIP 3 compatibility to non-CIP 3 consoles
  • Store ink curve settings for multiple paper stocks
  • Archive final job settings reducing make-ready for reprints by up to 90%
  • System intelligently learns from each job run - reducing the need for manual ink adjustments
  • Ink key settings file creation and printed chart output options