Xitron Raster Blaster Pro Tiff Catcher


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Raster Blaster Pro is the logical extension of the industry’s original TIFF Catcher: Xitron’s Raster Blaster. Combining a sleek, efficient GUI and the world’s foremost CTP interface technology, Raster Blaster Pro provides intelligent, organized plate production to virtually any prepress workflow, regardless of the manufacturer. 

Want to economically couple a replacement workflow with your existing CTP device? Raster Blaster Pro is the key. Want to replace an aging CTP device but prefer a model not offered by your workflow vendor? No problem. Raster Blaster Pro drives over 200 of the most popular CTP engines in use today. 

Even existing Raster Blaster users with USB interfaces can take advantage of increased functionality by migrating their old software to Raster Blaster Pro today!