iCE LiNK - Cloud-Based Workflow Management System

Standard Horizon

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iCE LiNK is a cloud-based workflow management system that allows you to manage production across multiple finishing devices to provide a higher level of production efficiency. With iCE LiNK, you can monitor and collect machine data in real time. iCE LiNK can also provide KPI analysis, PM schedule/alerts, JDF/JMF Workflow, scheduling, job creation, editing, and more. iCE LiNK is now available on the Standard Horizon HT-300 Three-Side Trimmer, the BQ-500 Perfect Binder, and the AFV-56K Folder.

  • Increase up-timeUse iCE LiNK to get updates about parts that need replacement or to schedule preventative maintenance based on your unique production levels to significantly reduce costly, unexpected downtime.
  • In-depth analysisWith real-time data and detailed visual graphs, you can easily analyze your production process to find inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and more.
  • CompatibilityNot only can you access iCE LiNK from anywhere using the cloud, but iCE LiNK is also compatible with all Horizon equipment that are operated using pXnet.
  • Choose your iCE LiNKWith iCE LiNK, there is no need to invest in a JDF workflow if it isn’t a fit for your production environment. You can simply use iCE LiNK’s Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to monitor your equipment and production. Coming in 2021, you will be able choose between several iCE LiNK subscription packages to fit your business’s specific workflow needs.