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Business Card CuttersBusiness Card Cutters

Save time and money with the Akiles CardMac Business Card Cutter/Slitter. You can quickly create your own custom business cards at a low cost and without leaving the comfort of your home office. The CardMac Series is available in Manual or Electric. Power Pack Upgrades make it easy to upgrade your manual machine to a fully electric system within seconds (sold separately). The CardMac comes in two different models that allow you to slit 10 (bleed) or 12 (no-bleed) business cards per letter size sheet. Additional features include interchangeable handles (crank or turn) allow you to choose your preferred method of manual operation.

MBM's Tabletop Cutter can be used for a variety of jobs, including business cards (full bleed), post cards, digital photos, checks, and etc. Eliminates costly and time consuming business card production - cards can be printed on a laser printer or copier and cut to size in a single pass. Cut 12 standard size business cards per page (up to 60 cards per minute). The setup is quick and easy as well as making adjustments.

The Aerocut Prime Complete and Velocity, from MBM, are ideally suited for digital applications. Slit, cut, crease, score, and perforate a wide variety of jobs including business cards. The Aerocut Series handles a wide range of stocks including gloss, laminated, UV coated, and large format (up to 63") can be creased and scored without cracking, even with full-bleed ink coverage. The Aerocut Series is great for environments that require low to high demand digital application finishing.

The MBM Aerocut Nano Plus cuts and cross cuts prints in one pass. The elevated feed table separates digital stocks to avoid mis-feedings, damages and roller marks. The Aerocut Nano is ideal for low to medium environments looking to finish digital applications on demand. The Aerocut Nano Plus is ideal for business card cutting, postcard cutting, brochures and more.

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