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Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner

Blue Crystal is a fantastic industrial hand cleaner. A micro grit massages sticky and oily substances away while leaving your skin's natural moisture intact. Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner removes virtually everything: ink, resin, tar, and of course grease. It cleans deep into pores and around cuticles.

Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner uses recycled polyethylene, not pumice. Never irritating. Leaves hands soft and chap free. No petroleum solvents. Neutral pH. No fragrances or perfumes. Will not clog sinks. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic, Non-hazardous. Does not separate or lose strength. Shop Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner from Mid-State Litho below:

This hand cleaner is one of our top selling items because of how universal it is. Everyone loves a high quality soap that is easy on their skin but still takes care of difficult cleaning. Tar, grease, and ink are all very difficult to remove even for tough soap formulations.

Blue Crystal is a very gentle hand cleaner that uses other magic to take of messes. The soap feels just a little bit gritty in your hands so the scrubbing action works extra hard to get rid of sticky messes. The gritty crystal structure is water soluble though so as you wash the soap and grime will easily rinse away.

Blue Crystal Features

  • Order in Lots of 6 for Best Shipping
  • 6 Tubs per case
  • 2 Quart Tub Resealable Lid
  • Sold individually
  • Crystal Texture Helps Remove Tar, Grease, and Ink
  • Gentle on Hands
  • Chemically Mild and Environmentally Friendly

As with all soaps exercise caution when it comes to exposure with the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Although this product is intended to make contact with your body it should always be washed away completely. Please note that excessive exposure can cause some dryness of the skin or eye irritation.

Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner Soap

The Printing Industry is one of the most demanding segments when it comes to hand washing. Ink is notoriously difficult to wash off of skin and printers who are around ink can wash their hands many times a day.

Strong soaps can easily dry out sensitive skin with prolonged and repeated use so Blue Crystal takes advantage of the crystal structure to help act as a gentle abrasive for grime. This approach is much easier on skin and people rave about.