Horizon StitchLiner Mark IV Saddlestitch Bookletmaking Machine

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Stitchliner Mark IV: Ultimate Automation & High Productivity

Introducing the Stitchliner Mark IV, a state-of-the-art saddlestitcher bookletmaking machine by Horizon, a leading Japanese company. Designed for the informed business person looking to make a significant capital investment in their production line, this high-end technical equipment delivers exceptional automation and high productivity. The user-friendly touchscreen ensures new operators can achieve high production rates and consistently output quality products.

iCE LiNK: Smart Production Management

Equipped with the iCE LiNK software package, the Stitchliner Mark IV transforms production machines into IoT devices, reporting production status to a management system. This enables owners and production supervisors to easily monitor the status and history of the equipment, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Modular Design for Customized Solutions

The Stitchliner Mark IV offers a modular system that can be tailored to match your specific production needs. Choose from VAC collator towers for uncollated work, HOF for precollated work, or a combination of both to handle a diverse range of projects.

iCE Series: Added Value & Advanced Connection

As part of the iCE series, the Stitchliner Mark IV boasts an intuitive operator interface and advanced automation for enhanced efficiency and productivity. When connected with the iCE LiNK workflow system, it provides a fully connected and advanced work environment.

Key Features

  • Fully-automated settings for consistent high-quality production
  • High-quality bookletmaking with unique sheet transport and jogging systems
  • Variable thickness production with end-to-end automation
  • Wide variety of booklet formats, including A4 landscape and pocket booklets
  • Flexible system configuration with VAC series collator and HOF-400 high-speed sheet feeder
  • Horizon's bindery control system for automated workflow

ACF-50 Accumulator & Folder

Experience high-quality, high-speed production with a wider range of substrates and formats using the ACF-50 Accumulator and Folder. Its unique design enables efficient and precise accumulating and folding.

SPF-50 Saddle-Stitcher

The SPF-50 Saddle-Stitcher ensures sets are jogged, stitched, and transported to the three-knife trimmer. Stitch length and balance are adjusted automatically according to thickness information.

HTS-50 Three-Knife Trimmer

With the HTS-50 Three-Knife Trimmer, all settings are done automatically for variable thickness production. The uniquely designed four-side jogging achieves accurate trimming quality with 1-up or 2-up production.

Touch Panel Display

The 12.1-inch color touchscreen is icon-based for user-friendly operation. Each finishing station is automatically set by simply inputting the sheet size and booklet size on the touchscreen. Up to 999 job settings can be stored in job memory for quick and easy recall.

VAC-1000 / VAC-600H / VAC-L1000 / VAC-L600H

High-speed and stable collation for a wide variety of paper stocks with advanced programming functions for easy and efficient collating.

HOF-400 Near-Line Solution for cut sheet digital printing

The HOF-400 offers high-speed feeding of digitally collated sheets into the saddlestitching system, handling the output of multiple printers. Its standard mark sensor enables variable sheet count documents to be handled with integrity and verification. The VAC series collator can be connected in-line for processing conventional offset printed work.