Morgana System AF2000 - AF2000S Bookletmaker Series


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In today’s demanding printing environment, a flexible solution to booklet production is a must for all digital printers.

Often there is a need to merge jobs from more than one digital print device or to add colour, laminated or coated covers to finish a booklet. There may also be a requirement to finish booklets from several digital devices, where an inline solution on each machine may not be a cost effective solution.

The System AF2000S with its high capacity dual bin feeder offers a flexible solution for a wide range of booklet types and sizes. The system is fed by the AF602 air assisted feeder which has a loading capacity of up to 21″, giving long uninterrupted production runs.

Pre-collated sets can be placed into both bins for longer runs, or covers can be placed into one of the bins when they need to be merged with collated sets.

The bookletmaking section can be supplied with heavy duty stitching heads for up to 50,000 stitches from one wire spool, or with stapling heads which can be loaded with 5000 staple cassettes. A fore-edge trimmer comes as standard to give clean finish to the booklets.

An optional Morgana Squarefold can be added to the system to produce squared spine flat books which give the effect of a perfect bound  finish.

For full bleed production, the Morgana CST crease and side trim unit can be added. Trim edges can be removed from the sheets meaning there is no need to trim the booklets prior to production in an offline guillotine.

The Morgana System AF2000/AF2000S, with it’s versatile configurations and options will give a highly flexible solution to your digital booklet production needs.

Key Product Features

  • Air assist dual bin feeder unit
  • up to 21″ loading capactiy
  • Feed pre-collated sets from digital devices
  • High quality stapling head or stitching head versions available
  • Up to 1800 sets per hour
  • High quality front edge trimmer unit
AF602 Feeder
No. of Bins 2
Bin Capacity 2 x 11.8"
Sheet Size, Max. 13.75" x 26"
Sheet Size, Min. 4.75" x 8.25"
Paper Weight, Max. 115 lb cover
Paper Weight, Min. 16 lb bond
Feeding Speed Up to 15000 8.5" x 11" sheets per hour
Centre Registration Yes
Air Separation Yes
Error Detection Double Feed, Misfeed, Empty Bin, Paper Jam
Dimension Incl. Base H x W x D 49.6 x 40 x 27.6”
Weight 551 lbs
Connectable Devices BM2000/BM2000S, CST2000


BM 2000S Booklet Maker
Capacity 30 Sheets of 20 lb Bond
Speed Up to 1800 Sets/Hour
Sheet Size, Max. 12.6" x 18"
Sheet Size, Min. 4.75" x 8.25"
Paper Weight, Max. 115 lb cover
Paper Weight, Min. 16 lb cover
Stapling Modes Saddle, Edge and Corner Stapling
Stapling Heads (BM2000) 2
Stitching Heads (BM2000S) 2
Job Saving Yes, 10 Jobs
Dimesions Incl. Base and Belt Stacker, H x W x D 44.6 x 59.8 x 26.8”
Weight 355 lbs


FTR 2000 Trimmer
Capacity 30 Sheets of 20 lb. Bond
Max. Booklet Length, Max. Trimming 8.6"
Min. Booklet Length, Max. Trimming 4.8"
Max. Booklet Length, Bypass 9.2"
Min. Booklet Length, Bypass 4.1"
Booklet Width, Max. 2.6"
Booklet Width, Min. 4.7"
Speed Up to 1800 Sets/Hour
Trim Length Up to 0.6"
Dimensions Incl. Base, H x W x D 43.3 x 13.8 x 23.4"
Weight 183 lbs

SQF 2000 Squarefolder (Option)
Capacity 30 Sheets of 20 lb. Bond
Max. Booklet Length, Max. Trimming 8.97"
Min. Booklet Length, Max. Trimming 4.1"
Max. Booklet Width 12.6"
Min. Booklet Width 4.7"
Speed Up to 1800 Sets/Hour
Dimensions Including Base 43.3 x 13.8 x 23.4"
Weight 132 lbs

BST 4000-1 Beltstacker (Option)
Capacity, A3 >500 Booklets of 2 Sheets 20 lb Bond
Capacity, A4 >1,000 Booklets of 2 Sheets 20 lb Bond
Run-out Switch Yes
Alignment INline, left or right
Belt Speed Adjustable
Overlap Adjustable
Dimensions (H x W x D) 41.7 x 70.28 x 17.72"
Weight 154.5 lbs

CST 2000 Creaser Side Trimmer (Option)
Bleed Trim Max. 1.8", Min. 0.197" each side
Max. Assymetric Bleeding Trimming +/- 0.197"
Creaser Tool Fine < 32 lb Bond
Creaser Tool Coarse > 32 lb Bond
Speed Maintains system feeding speed up to 1800 sets/hour, depending on the media and set size
Sheet Size Same as BM2000/2000S
Paper Weight Sames as BM2000/2000S
Dimensions, H x W x D 49.2 x 32.3 x 33.7"
Weight 463 lbs

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