OKI CX3641 MFP Cyan Toner Cartridge 42918987


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OKI CX3641 MFP Cyan Toner Cartridge

This is a color toner cartridge for the Oki CX3641MFP. Toner is the colored powder that is applied and adhered to the paper during the printing process in digital imaging. Toner is a very fine powder typically only a few microns in diamater. Toner is controlled within the machine by the application of an electrical charge. The charged toner is drawn to the imaging drum which holds the image within a charge of its own. At the point where the paper passes by the drum releases it's charge and allows the toner to transfer onto the sheet. After being imaged the sheet with toner is then passed through a fuser which melts the toner onto the paper and forms a bond.

Compatibility: 3641, CX3641, CX3641MFP Yield: Approximately 15,000 8.5" x 11" Sheets