Perfecta BB Air Board System


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Perfecta BB Air Board System

The Perfecta BB automatically detstacks reams and the automatic transport moves stock towards the high-speed cutter. The rear-loading table load the high-speed cutter via the rear table. The destacked reams are transported towards the cutter by either pushing unit "BTE" or by a gripper transport system "BFS". When front-table loading is desired, the destacked ream is transported semi-automatically towards the cutter either by the pusher or manually by the operator.

  • Possible destacking systems
    • Reflective wedge (destacking exactly the pre-defined ream)
    • Long separating strips (E-System, destacking exactly the predefined ream is not possible)
    • Short separating strips (destacking exactly the pre-defined ream)
    • Light-barrier, which is adjusted to the requested ream height (destacking roughly the requested ream, destacking of exactly the pre-defined ream is not possible)
  • Installation
    • Longitudinal installation (the loader takes up the ream at its smaller side)
    • Installation at an right angle (the loader takes up the ream at its larger side)
  • Loaders for formats 8 and 10 are constructed with a double-support
  • Applications
    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Chipboard or heavy cardboard
    • Printing plates
  • Advantages
    • Very high automation level
    • All relevant parameters can be adjusted to suit the product from the operator's panel
    • Solid and precise construction
    • Automatic destacking of small formats is possible
    • Universal application
Models: BB3 BB5 BB6
Format 770 x 1070 mm 920 x 1300 mm 1050 x 1450 mm
Maximum Ream Weight 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Pile Height 1400/1800 mm 1400/1800 mm 1400/1800 mm
Models: BB7 BB8 BB10
Format 1250 x 1650 mm 1320 x 1850 mm 1525 x 2050 mm
Maximum Ream Weight 300 kg 300 kg 300 kg
Ream Hieght 160 mm 160 mm 160 mm
Pile Height 1400/1800 mm 1400/1800 mm 1400/1800 mm