Streamfeeder EZ Print System


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Streamfeeder EZ Print System

The all-new EZ Print-1, EZ Print-2, and EZ Print-3 are cost effective solutions for static inkjet printing of text messages, dates, lot codes, logos, barcodes, pre-canceled or bulk rate permits, indicias, graphics, and more. 

Using standard HP ink jet cartridges printing is easier and more affordable than ever. Simply create your image or text on the software provided and download from your PC or laptop computer to the print head. And you’re ready to print!

  • Easy to use – No special skills required to operate or maintain
  • Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
  • Versatile – Roll in-line with other processes
  • Reliable – Heavy duty construction provides 24/7 trouble free operation
  • Compact – 36” vacuum base with adjustable height mounting table including casters
  • EZ Print-1 includes a 1” print head
  • EZ Print-2 includes two 1” print heads
  • EZ Print-3 includes two 1.5” print heads
Maximum Product Size 12 in (305 mm)*
Minimum Product Size 4 in (102 mm)*
Speed Variable, up to 400 fpm
DPI Up to 600 x 600
Warranty One year limited
*Other sizes and thickness capabilities available. Contact us for your application